Adds Hi-C matrices of the same size. Format has to be hdf5 (.h5) or npz. In order to minimze the the loss of information, it is recommended to to sum uncorrected matrices (before hicCorrectMatrix).

usage: hicSumMatrices --matrices .h5 or cooler file format
                      [.h5 or cooler file format ...] --outFileName
                      OUTFILENAME [-h] [--version]

Required arguments

–matrices, -m Space-delimited names of the matrices to add. The matrices must have the same shape/size. You can verify their size by using hicInfo.
–outFileName, -o
 File name to save the resulting matrix. The output is also a .h5 file. Please, do not add the .h5 suffix.

Optional arguments

–version show program’s version number and exit