Plots the number of interactions around a given reference point in a region.

usage: hicPlotViewpoint --matrix MATRIX [MATRIX ...] --region REGION
                        --outFileName OUTFILENAME --referencePoint
                        REFERENCEPOINT [--chromosome CHROMOSOME]
                        [--interactionOutFileName INTERACTIONOUTFILENAME]
                        [--dpi DPI] [--version] [--help]

Required arguments

–matrix, -m path of the Hi-C matrices to plot
–region The format is chr:start-end
–outFileName, -o
 File name to save the image.
–referencePoint, -rp
 Reference point. Needs to be in the format: ‘chr:100’ for a single reference point or ‘chr:100-200’ for a reference region.

Optional arguments

–chromosome, -C
 Optional parameter: Only show results for this chromosome.
–interactionOutFileName, -i
 Optional parameter: If set a bedgraph file with all interaction will be created.

Optional parameter: Resolution for the image in case theouput is a raster graphics image (e.g png, jpg)

Default: 300

–version show program’s version number and exit